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Contract Field Character Length

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Jen Dera
Sat Feb 03, 18
1:33 PM

I like to send surveys/questionnaires to clients after sessions. I'm currently using an outside solution for that and I'd like to streamline this process.

I thought one solution might be to use the contracts option to create the questionnaires and email them with the fields for the client to fill in. I started to create one, and realized the text field size is just too small for client answers. Is there a bigger text field size option?

Alternatively, I thought I could use a form, but I'd rather not have to take the step of emailing a client a link to a webform.

Any feedback or suggestion is welcome!

M Davis
Sun Feb 04, 18
4:17 PM
You can post a link to the page with the form anywhere.
I don't understand your comment you rather not take the extra step of emailing. How else would they see the questionnaire?
What you should do is create a form with the survey questions.
Add the form to a page title Survey. Then, create a default email with a link to the survey.
I also have the page linked to the client portal/sign in page. but you could make it a make menu link too.
Edited Sun Feb 04, 18 4:20 PM by M Davis
M. Davis
Jen Dera
Sun Feb 04, 18
6:42 PM

I didn’t want to email a link. A lot of people disregard emails with links.

Also, it doesn’t store the answers like a contract would with the client.
M Davis
Sun Feb 04, 18
6:44 PM
Fair enough... but how will you deliver it to the client for them to review?
The contract is also done by email link!

I tell my clients if they don't want to 'click a link' they can copy and paste the URL - I provide in the email - into their browser.

You could create a hidden page with the survey. Then attach it to the contract area where it would show up but you have to notify the client of the survey or they may not see it.
Edited Sun Feb 04, 18 6:47 PM by M Davis
M. Davis
Jen Dera
Sun Feb 04, 18
7:00 PM
I’ve already created a hidden form (I have different ones depending on the session). I’m not sure how I go about attaching it like a contract?
M Davis
Sun Feb 04, 18
7:10 PM
If I understand your question correctly and from your comments, it can't be done if you do not want to use a link!
I understand you want to create a survey/questionnaire as a contract. Yet, you don't want to deliver it in a link.
Contracts are delivered as an email link.
Either way, how would you want the client access it?
I am confused what you are wanting to do!
M. Davis
Jen Dera
Sun Feb 04, 18
7:19 PM
I’ll just stick with my existing 3rd party solution.

Thanks anyway.
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