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Need A Bulk Resizing Tool

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Suzanne Mohme
13 posts
Thu Feb 01, 18
7:56 PM

We do horse show photography and each day we have multiple rings with multiple horses that we create galleries for. With photo cart, we were able to use Dave's Uploader to magically maintain our directory trees and upload our folders and resize at the same time.

I am now looking for a resizing tool, other than Lightroom with a plugin that will allow us to resize a set of images and export or publish the images in the same directory format.

For example:
Texas Winter Series Week 1
Wednesday, January 31
504 Horse Name 1
566 Horse name 2
592 Horse Name 3
625 Horse Name 5
Thursday, February 1

We need to maintain a full size copy of the images in the sorted folders and but have a set that is a duplicate but resized so we can upload to use the FTP uploader in Sytist.

Right now we are using Lightroom with the plugin jf Folder Publisher. The problem is I can do it with no problem but I don't go to the shows. I'm the technical support for my husband and he is having difficulty with using Lightroom for this.

Any suggestions?
Suzanne Mohme
13 posts
Thu Feb 08, 18
7:37 PM
Does no one have any suggestions?

Are there other horse show photographers out there using Sytist?

M Davis
255 posts
Thu Feb 08, 18
7:54 PM
I use a program called ACDSee Pro. It is an image management system and will allow batch resizing of images to a different folder, or to the same folder using a different file extension like '_resize'. The pro version includes ITPC for the metadata which is important to me, but the basic version will do batch resizing. They run it on sale all the time, so do the free 30-day trial download, then wait for the discount email to show up. I am a pro commercial shooter. ACDSee is used as much as Lightroom for image management. It is easy, quick and responsive.
Edited Thu Feb 08, 18 8:03 PM by M Davis
M. Davis
Andy Campbell
12 posts
Fri Feb 09, 18
3:11 AM
FastStone or Pix resizer , both free and maintain your folder tree, Faststone does a lot more than just resizing and is excellent
Suzanne Mohme
13 posts
Fri Feb 09, 18
9:04 AM
I forgot to add that we are a Mac house.
Suzanne Mohme
13 posts
Fri Feb 09, 18
9:40 AM
Looks like we may have found one. Resize Master.

It quickly resizes the files.
Bill Wells
248 posts
Fri Feb 09, 18
9:56 AM
Another option is JPGMini. It compresses the images and they still retain their original dimensions just much smaller. A lot smaller.

The print and display quality are the same. Just big size difference. I'm assuming you are wanting smaller size for web. You no longer need to keep 2 sets of files.
Edited Fri Feb 09, 18 9:57 AM by Bill Wells
-Bill Bill & Jessica Photography https://wellsandcarnes.com
Michael Gara
11 posts
Fri Feb 09, 18
10:52 PM
I second JPEGmini! It's awesome.
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