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Re-downloading Images Purchased With 'download Credits'

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Paul M
229 posts
Wed Jan 31, 18
5:10 PM
How does a client re-download images purchased with Download Credits? They don't show up in "My Account" or "My Orders".

Is there something like a "My Downloads" available?
Edited Wed Jan 31, 18 5:10 PM by Paul M
Tim - PicturesPro.com
11185 posts
Fri Feb 02, 18
3:09 AM
Currently there is not an option to redownload photos. I will make a note of it.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Paul M
229 posts
Fri Feb 02, 18
3:10 AM
Thanks Tim!
Marcel Otterspeer
72 posts
Mon Jul 02, 18
10:19 AM
That 'My Downloads' section would be great! I'm using the credits system for some big clients who order a lot of stock photos. Maybe it's possible to display a message next to the photo when a photo is already downloaded (ordered) with a download button.

I wonder if it is very complicated if someone wants to buy a more expensive version of a photo with credits. Now I offer a customer a photo at low, medium and high resolution for respectively 4, 7 and 25 credits. What if a picture is bought at medium resolution and the customer buys a high resolution. Calculate the difference or buy the new file for the specified price? That last option seems the most logical to me.

Perhaps these thoughts give some tools to, if possible, extend the download credits system further. It would be a great way to sell licenses, with the possibility to send an invoice to the customer with the purchased photos afterwards, for example every last day of the month. If that is also possible with a nice specification which pictures have been bought, then it is really perfect!
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