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New Uploader Version 2.6 Lesson Learned About Traffic

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Scott Lowe
42 posts
Wed Jan 24, 18
6:40 PM
So I think you can mark this one on a lesson learned. Some of this is still speculation but the evidence points in the direction of my conclusion.

Problem: I have almost exceeded my bandwidth allowance for the month.
Investigation: I have NEVER come close to exceeding the limit. I did some poking around I have found two cases of excessive amount of http traffic (90GB and 50 GB). I finally figured out those were the two days I used the new uploader. So I thought back on what I did and it dawned on me that I processed my picture in RAW format and then exported jpgs them to the same folder(s) for uploading. I used the new upload tool by indentifing the folder (with subfolders) that I wanted to upload. I "hit go" and walked away.
Obviously it tried to upload every single picture including all the RAW files. It seems even though it was "rejected" it seem to count against me in my bandwidth allowance. Now, I'm NOT an expert in all things computer but this seem logical to me and a big lesson learned. Perhaps Tim or someone else could tell me I'm full of crap and I'm back to square 1 for the bandwidth issue but I feel like I'm right.

Just wanted to share my boneheaded move so you won't do the samething I did.

Love the updates!

Tim - PicturesPro.com
10629 posts
Fri Jan 26, 18
7:09 AM
That is interesting but I can't see why it would have any effect on the bandwidth ... but not saying it isn't possible.

The files that are skipped are not actually uploaded ... they are skipped before it tries to upload (POST) the file. So in theory, it should have no effect on the bandwidth because the file isn't being uploaded. But again I guess it is possible.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Scott Lowe
42 posts
Fri Jan 26, 18
10:21 AM
Thanks Tim. I will have to keep an eye on this issue. I had two VERY big spikes in data traffic and what I uploaded should have be not been any where close to the size my cpanel is reporting. My superficial review of my events pointed to the upload.

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