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Pulldown Menu Covered By Billboard

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Lucas H.
89 posts
Sat Jan 13, 18
5:31 AM

My Pulldown Menu is always covered by the Billboard. It is a similar issue like this:


except that I'm using Sytist 2.6.0 and the Menu is overlapped by the whole Billboard (not only the Billboard Text).

See what happens: http://sytist-test.greatoffice.net
(The first both Menu Items are Pulldowns)

I think this issue can be fixed by adding some z-index properties in the sytist css, but I really have no idea which string to pull.


I've found that this issue seems to be not caused by the billboard. I had removed the billboard and found, that every other content (e. g. Text) is put over the menu, when scrolling down. I've enabled "Pin Header top of Screen". I think the reason must be in this Region.


Yes, the issue is caused by this Feature "Pin Header top of Screen". Regardless the Theme used, this option Pins the Header top of Screen, but the content below (regardless it's type: Text / Billboard) is placed over the Header when scrolling down.

@Tim: I've seen that this pinning the Header top of Screen works on the featured Website http://markosberndt.phot ography/. Any idea what's going wrong on our Website?
Edited Sat Jan 13, 18 5:55 AM by Lucas H.
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10890 posts
Sun Jan 14, 18
9:46 AM
Edit your theme.

Click additional CSS in the left menu and add this code, it will fix it

#headerAndMenu { z-index: 2; }
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Lucas H.
89 posts
Sun Jan 14, 18
11:19 AM
Wonderful! That works - Thanks a lot!

+++ UPDATE +++

This works fine... except such Content created via Page designer is (still) put in front of Header and menu.
But changing the z-index Value from 2 to 99 fixed this Problem, too.
Edited Sun Jan 14, 18 2:07 PM by Lucas H.
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