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Payment Info Not Updating

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Scott Lowe
42 posts
Thu Jan 11, 18
12:42 PM
Hey Tim-

I have had more than one occurance of something strange happening to payment information. Let me try to outline what is going one.

A customer places an order for pictures. The complete the order but do not make payment. In at least one case the payment process which is through Paypal is hung up for some reason. They can’t pay but the order is placed. I then instruct them to find their order and make payment. They follow the instruction and go into their account and click the “pay now” button. Everything works fine and a payment is posted. This is where it gets “weird”.

I get the emails that a payment is made from my Sytist page and from Paypal. Everything checks outs in regards to payment amount and customer name. But the email doesn’t show an order number and even weirder is that it does’t show the right preview of pictures. In fact it shows preview pictures of dozens of unrelated orders. If I go to the order in the account it is NOT updated with the payment information. Paypal does show a recorded payment.

Any thoughts? I’m not sure what I can send you to help figure this out. Just let me know,. Perhaps I can show the email?

Tim - PicturesPro.com
10629 posts
Fri Jan 12, 18
4:07 AM
Is this happening on every order or just sometimes?

Email me your FTP or hosting username and password so I can set up logging on the PayPal payments when PayPal posts the data back (IPN). Or email me for the file to upload to do that.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Scott Lowe
42 posts
Fri Jan 12, 18
8:32 AM
No Tim, I might not have been clear. It has happened a couple of times and only on Paypal payments that happen “later”. I will send you a couple emails. That show the transaction history.
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