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Remove Sunflower From The Url

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michael milner
104 posts
Wed Dec 20, 17
7:54 AM
How do I remove the subfolder where stylist is from the URL?
Bill Wells
241 posts
Wed Dec 20, 17
10:06 AM
I assume you installed Sytist into a sub-folder, lets say "clients". So the URL would be "www.somedomain.com/clients " but you want just the domain "www.somedomain.com". Since the URL is the location of the files/folder, you would have to move Sytist from a sub-domain to the root of the domain.

Here is a link to explain how to do that: http://www.picturespro.com/sytist-manual/installation/moving-into-a-sub-folder-or-changing-folder-name/

The only other option would be create a home page in the root (Wordpress is an excellent option for this), then add a link or menu option to take you to the Sytist folder. This would make your "Home Page" be the root of your domain.
Edited Wed Dec 20, 17 10:10 AM by Bill Wells
-Bill Bill & Jessica Photography https://wellsandcarnes.com
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