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Serve Static Files Directly By Nginx Did I Forget Any! What Host Can I Use???

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Mon Dec 18, 17
9:34 AM
My server issues continue to be an nginx error what are the hosting that let your site work??????

The admin would not render without adding these static nginx references for Apache handler but i am still getting contunied

ac3 avi bmp bz2 css cue dat doc docx dts eot exe flv gif gz htm html ico img iso jpeg jpg js mkv mp3 mp4 mpeg mpg ogg pdf png ppt pptx qt rar rm svg swf tar tgz ttf txt wav woff woff2 xls xlsx zip

the error is the same as before and is for each and ever picture but only sometimes makes the site crash in that the security on the server kicks me off or the client out and blockes the ip for up to 48 hours. [crit] 650958#0: *9792893 openat() "/var/www/vhosts/cyberbyd.ehost-services221.com/bradford.photography/sy-photos/2017/12/18/01/small_a06389_76.jpg" failed (13: Permission denied) I have asked enom to look into the path permissions but as you know this has been going on since day one.

Smart Serve static files directly by nginx are on by default but i have no way to change them
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