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Cron Job Going Crazy

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Bruce Pham
198 posts
Tue Dec 05, 17
8:00 AM
After I manually updated, my cron jobs are going crazy!! It doesn't seem to be sending out anything but I getting tons of notices. So far over 500 notices to my email. However, it doesn't seem that it is sending anything to the clients.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? My inbox is filling up
Bruce Pham • Forever Studio • School Pictures At Their Best
Paul White
129 posts
Tue Dec 05, 17
8:40 AM
Mine has done that sporadically and periodically ever since the first version of Sytist that included cron jobs. That occurred even though there had been no changes made by me. Sometimes it would do it several days in a row and then might not happen again for a month. Are you using Bluehost by any chance? (Just wondering if that might be a common denominator.)
Paul White
Bruce Pham
198 posts
Tue Dec 05, 17
8:46 AM
I'm using GO Daddy. I decided to log in to my go daddy account and turn off the notification as a temporary fix. Hopefully I can figure out why this is happening, because I like being notified that a cron job is running. The cron job testing in systist works fine so that indicates that my cron jobs should work accordingly. But every minute, I get a notice from my hosting service that an empty cron job was run.
Bruce Pham • Forever Studio • School Pictures At Their Best
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10509 posts
Tue Dec 05, 17
9:18 AM
I don't understand why the update would have anything to do with that since the cron job is a server job.

But in your hosting control panel, go to the cron jobs and edit yours and at the end of the command line, add this:

>/dev/null 2>&1

So it ends like sy-cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1

That tells it not to send you the emails when it runs.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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