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Single 8x10

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Rob Gerity
12 posts
Fri Nov 10, 17
1:38 PM
I do not want to sell a print for less than 32.00
therefore I chose the option of no discount.
I offer a ten % discount for clients purchasing
in 30 days. If a client purchases two different
8x10 prints the total is 64.00 Because the item is
no discountable they do not receive the 10 percent
on a order over 40$ is there a workaround?
Thomas DiGiacomo
72 posts
Fri Nov 10, 17
3:52 PM
First - do not choose the no discount option.
Second - Price one 8x10 at $36.00 (with 10% discount $3.60 price becomes 32.40).
Third - Set Early Bird Discount to 10% on orders over 32.40.
Rob Gerity
12 posts
Fri Nov 10, 17
3:55 PM
brilliant Thanks Tom
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