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Expanding Payment Options

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michael milner
Mon Nov 06, 17
10:48 PM
A couple of ideas that may improve payment options

I have PayPal pro setup and a direct deposit (offline) option, and a payment plan (offline hack) option. If someone orders egift card, I want to be able to remove the option to pay by direct debt etc. But that is not currently possible. Is it possible to set a payment option for particular product items?

Some clients have wanted to place a large order that they cannot pay outright via credit card. Can we automate a payment plan option so at checkout a client could choose a payment plan option to pay off a balance over 3 6 or 12 months that would automatically calculate monthly payments and payment dates (our standard date is the first of the month), they could sign a payment plan contract and pay a 25% deposit amount to establish the order and then once they complete it - it then is all automated for sending our reminder emails, send signed contract etc and receipts to client so I don't have to stop the buying process when they are ready to spend the money. This would be fantastic.

I currently have a manual offline option that they can select to say they want to use a payment plan option, but we have to do it manually and can take days emailing backwards and forwards to get it all set up. I think it should not be too hard to implement as there are already contracts and payment plan option already available within sytist. But then again what do I know. If you can consider it that would be a great feature upgrade

Jesse Johnson
Tue Nov 14, 17
12:19 AM
that would be nice
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