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Emails Go To Spam

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David Beeler
6 posts
Sat Nov 04, 17
10:24 AM
Earlier this week, I had to send out an email with individual passwords to clients whose sub-galleries to a photo event had been opened. I did this through the "people" tab on the gallery page, selected a client and then selected an email from my default email list to send them. It has been brought to my attention by my clients that this email landed in the Spam folder of each of them.

How can I avoid this?
Arron Robles
144 posts
Sat Nov 04, 17
10:41 AM
Hi David. I have come across this may times over the years. As company’s get smarter with spam filters it becomes increasingly difficult to get emails to them. That’s my philosophical answer!

Here is my technical answer and fix I have had to do over the last few years.

You will need to change the layout template of the email body and make it compliant to email standards you can find standards and formats on the interweb. This is not a guaranteed thing as most companies have different security spam features.

Also you may consider sending it you there phone as a text message. It’s supper simple. All mobile numbers have emails address to send to them as a text message. Example: 1231231234@vtext.com (Verizon) syntax.

Hope this is a little helpful!

Edited Sat Nov 04, 17 10:43 AM by Arron Robles
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M Davis
251 posts
Sat Nov 04, 17
11:03 AM
Be sure not to have any URL / 'www' reference in the subject line. This is the #1 way for email going to a spam folder.
M. Davis
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