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Approving Free Downloads

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Michael Leenheer
Thu Nov 02, 17
8:00 PM
I want to offer a free download that is retouched for my clients. They will pick the image, I retouch it, and then replace the image in their gallery so they can download the final version.

I have created a "Download" product and checked "Do not allow download until I upload a replacement file or manually approve it."

I have set the Max Pixels to 1800, and then I checked "Free Download" with a limit of 1 per person (seems smart so far).

When I put this into a price list, the product doesn't appear in the purchase options and didn't appear above the photo either. When I viewed it in 'incognito' browsing, the download link appeared above the image, but then it just allowed a download instantly and doesn't let me approve or upload a replacement file.

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
Michael Leenheer | New Light Photography - SUB Photo
Michael Leenheer
Fri Nov 03, 17
12:51 PM
Related to this, if I create an "option" in the Product Base area for a free download product, it doesn't pause to ask if the client wants to get that option. Is this a bug?
Michael Leenheer | New Light Photography - SUB Photo
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Sun Nov 05, 17
6:03 AM
The "Do not allow download until I upload a replacement file or manually approve it" should actually not be showing when editing a free download product because it does not apply to free downloads. I thought I had that option hiding for free downloads, but looks like I don't.

Also options to not apply to free downloads.

What I would suggest you do is once you know the photos they want retouched is to create a sub gallery in their gallery and upload the photos there. Then you can edit the sub gallery and select a price list with free downloads in it.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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