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Moving Images To S3 Account

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M Davis
251 posts
Tue Oct 31, 17
5:20 PM
I created an S3 Account on Amazon. I have all the correct settings according to the instructions.
Testing I attempt to Move a category of 9 photos to S3 bucket.
The images show in the pop up and the download wheel spins. However, the pop up just bounces but nothing happens.
Where would I look or what should I do for it to work?
M. Davis
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10320 posts
Wed Nov 01, 17
7:04 AM
Try clicking on Settings in the main menu.

Then under the left menu, click edit config file.

Before the closing PHP tag ?> ... add this line of code:

$setup['amazon_s3_ssl'] = true; // When photos won't move to amazon because of a proxy.

If that doesn't work, then try creating a new bucket but select a USA region, and for the end point, use s3.amazonaws.com.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
M Davis
251 posts
Wed Nov 01, 17
8:20 AM
I updated the config file. That didn't work.
I deleted my bucket and created new one with end point per your instruction.
All working well now.
Thank you!
M. Davis
Paul M
229 posts
Sat Jan 27, 18
8:35 AM
I'm having the exact problem.

I believe I have entered all of the settings correctly, but the S3 transfer popup just bounces up and down.

I'm using the US East (Ohio) region and I've tried all of the end points listed plus s3.amazonaws.com

Adding the PHP ine of code to the config file also did not help.

I tried using the access key info for a Sytist "user" as well as the root access key info. I get the bouncing popup with both.

What are the next steps to troubleshoot this?

Edited Sat Jan 27, 18 8:42 AM by Paul M
M Davis
251 posts
Sat Jan 27, 18
7:17 PM
Paul, I too first used the US East (Ohio) and had to change it to - I think it was - PA. And it worked fine. I think Amazon is moving from Ohio to PA for the east side. Regardless, moving it from OH worked.
M. Davis
Paul M
229 posts
Sun Jan 28, 18
5:18 AM
That was it! Thank you!!
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