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Misty Green
44 posts
Sun Oct 22, 17
9:46 AM
We have been using the new site for a few weeks. We are getting complaints that it is not user friendly like the old photo cart. In an effort to see what the issue was I created a new account and logged in as a new client. (I have done this prior to launch) It just takes you to the home page of the website. In the past before launch we are almost certain it took you to the list of galleries once login. I had to search to find the galleries (it was not easy) which the only place I found them were by clicking my account then looking there. I still do not see a list of galleries though just a place for the password. Can you please tell us if we have something set incorrect or how to correct this. If people are not easily able to see the list of galleries it will greatly impact our sales as we are getting complaints.
Thomas DiGiacomo
72 posts
Sun Oct 22, 17
10:04 AM
Do you have links, to the galleries, on your Home Page?
Misty Green
44 posts
Sun Oct 22, 17
10:56 AM
I guess not. To be honest I'm not even sure how to add that. It doesn't make sense though that once they login they're being sent to the homepage they should be sent to the galleries Page to view and order.
Misty Green
44 posts
Mon Oct 23, 17
6:25 AM
After looking into this more this is happening when they use the buttons at the top left, login and create an account. If they click CLIENT it takes them to the gallery page. Is there a way to link the other areas as once they login there it just directs back to home page.
Tim - PicturesPro.com
9858 posts
Mon Oct 23, 17
9:03 AM
What you might want to do is add the Find My Photos form to the home page. To do that, go to Site Content -> Manage Home Page. Then click the more options link, scroll down and check the option to add Find My Photos.

With that there, when they log in and have galleries assigned to their account, they will see them there. Or they can enter in their gallery password there and be taken directly to the gallery.

You can also use the Featured Content on the home page and select your client galleries section to list your client galleries on the home page.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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