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Web Hosting Needed

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Greg Beasley
33 posts
Fri Oct 20, 17
7:13 AM
I have a cpanel space with Go Daddy. Today, I am uploading a wedding. It failed because Go Daddy has created a "file limit". (an actual number of files) I exceeded their limit so I can no longer upload unless I remove something.

Each year after Thanksgiving, I re-post and resale images to weddings that I shot the previous year at 50% off. Its a big deal for us. To remove the 2016 wedding at this point means I loose the chance to post a re-sale to those clients.

I am SOOOO tired of GoDaddy throttling my speed and controlling my usage.

Please!!! Any hosting suggestions would be extremely helpful.
Bill Wells
247 posts
Fri Oct 20, 17
7:39 AM
Hi Greg,

I would recommend 2 things.

First setup Amazon S3 storage. Believe it or not, it's faster. I know it doesn't make sense but it is. Plus you only pay for the storage you use and it's dirt cheap. The transfer to S3 is automatic in Sytist.

Second, setup a hosting account with saratogahosting. They have extremely fast servers with SSL and https/2. It's like getting VPS service for the price of shared hosting. If you use S3 storage you will not need a big hosting plan, since the image storage will be on S3. Dave (saratogahosting) is very familiar with Sytist and hosts a lot of site. He can even move your current site if you need that service.

We are one of his bigger customers, but we host other sites as well as Sytist. Just tell him I referred you. I don't get any commission or anything.
Edited Fri Oct 20, 17 7:40 AM by Bill Wells
-Bill Bill & Jessica Photography https://wellsandcarnes.com
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10506 posts
Fri Oct 20, 17
8:37 AM
^^ What Bill said. I can vouch for Saratoga Hosting too.

Edited Fri Oct 20, 17 8:37 AM by Tim - PicturesPro.com
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
William Spivak
40 posts
Fri Oct 20, 17
7:18 PM
I have to agree with everything Bill said, best move I have ever made.
William Spivak Owner/Photographer (484)746-3380 https://williamspivakphotography.com info@williamspivakphotography.com
M Davis
252 posts
Sat Oct 21, 17
3:43 PM
I pay $14.99 per month with 1&1 pro unlimited hosting. I upload images to the sy load folder via ftp. Then process from gallery photos folder. All uploaded images are hi res jpgs at least 4928 px on the long end.
The only 1&1 down side, when certain well paying corporate accounts download all hi res images, the all download in Sytist must be limited to 5 images per zip file. Going higher locks up the web page. Tim mentioned Saratoga would do about 15 files at a time. If there are 80-100 images in a gallery doing 5 at a time would take too long. I have found clients are downloading single images. If they need all images, I will go ahead and create one Zip file with FTP upload to a special folder outside of Sytist with linked sent by email.
The 1&1 24 hour tech support is always responsive.
Edited Sat Oct 21, 17 4:11 PM by M Davis
M. Davis
Bill Wells
247 posts
Sat Oct 21, 17
7:31 PM
1&1 and other "unlimited" host are not really unlimited. GoDaddy is unlimited as well. But Greg just hit a limit. Most unlimited plans do the number of files you can upload. So have other different triggers in their contracts.

I think you experienced some limitation with 1&1 and number of images processed in single zip. They also have a file limit as well. I've been on this forum for a long time and I've seen it over and over.
-Bill Bill & Jessica Photography https://wellsandcarnes.com
M Davis
252 posts
Sat Oct 21, 17
9:30 PM
Saratoga Hosting does appear to be the way to go. I have only heard great things about them.

From my own testing on 1and1, I haven't reached any file size limits with loading or storage. I have about 1TB (full res) images stored on my 1and1 hosting plan.

There are limitations with the number of 'processes' 1and1 can handle when greating zip files for the 'all downloads' within Sytist. But even other hosting companies have a similar issue for the same process with exception of PhotoShelter. That's why Dropbox, WeTransfer and similar are so popular among photographers.

How does billing on the Amazon S3 storage work. I read over their pricing pages but left totally confused with what the monthly fee would be.
Edited Sat Oct 21, 17 9:33 PM by M Davis
M. Davis
Bill Wells
247 posts
Sun Oct 22, 17
7:32 AM
You hit the nail on the head! If you want to be confused, just try and figure out Amazon’s web storage offerings. They have so many choices it will make you crazy. So, the short answer is, I am not sure.

I do know that it is just a dollar or so each month for what we do.
Here are the advantages.

1 – you have a cheap central location for your images. So, if you want to change hosting providers at any time you will not have to move the images. They stay on S3 and just re-linked after you move.

2 – You can buy a less expensive hosting package, because you do not need the storage. Plus, there are never any limits on the size or number of files.

3 – You only pay for what you need. An example would be a webhost that charges $15 per month. It is the same month after month. It does not matter if you use 99% of your storage or you use 10% of your storage.

We all know that 95% of purchases are made in first 30 days. Does it make sense to keep them on the server for longer? Either way you only pay for storage that you use, for the time you use it.
-Bill Bill & Jessica Photography https://wellsandcarnes.com
Greg Beasley
33 posts
Mon Oct 23, 17
10:39 AM
Thank you for the advice. It seems that each time I call Go Daddy, they are eager to increase this and upgrade that and each time they want to change my plan and charge more. I will have a sale in 45 days (after Thanksgiving), then I will be removing all of 2016 weddings. We net $3-4K per year from this sale and Sytist ability to keep viewer emails makes this possible.

For the record, Go Daddy has a file limit of 250k files on their "Ultimate Cpanel plan". I hit that. I have Sytist and my blog on 1 plan. I could break it down into two plans. It probably would solve the problem short term.
Edited Mon Oct 23, 17 10:40 AM by Greg Beasley
Jarett Mutts
8 posts
Sat Oct 06, 18
7:36 PM
I love this forum!

I have used Bluehosting for a few years and today I went month to month with them. I also use Dropbox to give my clients their images (I scrapped flash drives and disk that they ALL eventually lose anyway).

Now that I am not paying for immediate bulk hosting for years to come with Bluehosting I actually paid them $35.99 per month. Call me an idiot later.

I see a several people are using Saratoga Hosting and their price point seems fair.

My Actual questions... connecting and using Amazon in place of Dropbox AND connecting it to Saratoga Hosting.
1. Am I able to use Amazon as a dropbox like hub for my clients, while also storing mass files on it like.
2. Does/will Saratoga Hosting pull my images from Amazon for my Sytist
3. What is a ball park idea on cost... Amazon isn't isn't comprehendible at all.

Jarett Mutts / Jarett Mutts Photography / http://www.jarettmutts.com
Edited Sat Oct 06, 18 7:37 PM by Jarett Mutts
Bruce Pham
198 posts
Sat Oct 06, 18
9:08 PM
Life changes after Saratoga Hosting. You will not regret moving your site to Dave at Saratoga Hosting and marrying it with Amazon S3. I had Go Daddy, worse hosting ever. Dave will help you move your entire site. He took less than 3 hours to move mine and he did it in the middle of the night when traffic is light or non-existent. Zero interruption and the next morning, life was good again.
Bruce Pham • Forever Studio • School Pictures At Their Best
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