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Images Links Are Broken

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Clifton Saulnier
Fri Oct 06, 17
1:43 PM
I've been a long time user of Photo Cart and I have just upgraded to Sytist.

My website is using wordpress / photocrati and photo cart / sytist for client galleries.

I installed Sytist as a subfolder... http://www.mydomain.com/sytist

I am able to upload images to a gallery using FTP and process them however all client images show an invalid link to the image.

Here is the link I have for one of the images.... http://www.mydomain.com/14/th_af9_090.jpg

Any ideas? Thanks... Clif

Edited Fri Oct 06, 17 2:23 PM by Clifton Saulnier
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Sat Oct 07, 17
5:14 AM
Did you rename the folder Sytist is installed in after the installation? If so, you need to edit the sy-config.php. Click Settings in the main menu. Then under the left menu, click edit config file.

Look for this line

$setup['temp_url_folder'] = "/something";

That something needs to be the name of the folder your Sytist is installed in.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Clifton Saulnier
Tue Oct 10, 17
8:04 AM
I had already taken a look at sy-config.php and everything looked fine. I installed sytist again and I had the same problem so I decided to install it as a subdomain. It works great as a subdomain. No idea what went wrong when trying to install it in a folder.
Edited Tue Oct 10, 17 8:04 AM by Clifton Saulnier
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