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Early Bird Special - Coded Wording Doesn't Make Sense?

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19 posts
Tue Sep 05, 17
4:24 AM
Me again - Apologies, I suspect I'll still have a few more questions before I'm fully set up as I'm not finding this back-end very intuitive, and searching the help forum has not yielded the answer..

I am adding an Early Bird deal to my galleries. 50% discount after a £30 minimum spend.

The default code at the bottom of the early bird page reads:

Purchase your photos before [DATE] and receive a discount of [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT]

Below that it says: "In the description, enter in [DATE] to display the expiration date and [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT] to display the discounting. You can also edit it to change it up as you like". Where can I get a list of things to replace or change [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT] please? (I'm not a coder, clearly).

The problem is that the text that displays in the site to show the content of [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT] is really bad English:

It reads:

Purchase your photos before September 19, 2017 and receive a discount of £30.00 or more 50.00% off.

What it SHOULD read is: receive a discount of 50% when you spend £30 or more.
Or "spend over £30 and receive 50% off" or anything that actually sounds like a proper sentence.

I understand that I can easily change the text around the [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT] code, but there is no way of formulating that sentence that would ever make "£30.00 or more 50.00% off" sound good.

Also, I know that I have set 2 decimal points riding number treatment for the site, but it just looks stupid for percentages. Is there any way to over-ride this formatting so it displays as 50% not 50.00%?

How can I change these things, please? Am I missing something obvious?

Many thanks.
Paul White
129 posts
Tue Sep 05, 17
8:47 AM
I wholeheartedly agree. As a member of the "Grammar Police Force" this has bugged me since day one! I never said anything about it because I knew that Tim had so many more important things to do. But now that most of the bugs have been worked out, this would be a nice tweak to make a wonderful program even better.
Paul White
19 posts
Tue Sep 05, 17
9:29 AM
I've just realised the obvious in that I don't need to use the [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT] code field at all.. I can just type it manually and not draw the data in from the pricing chart. I suppose this only becomes an issue if you have tiered discounts.
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10295 posts
Tue Sep 05, 17
10:55 AM
The reason it is worded that way is because of the tiered discounting.

£30.00 or more 20% off, £50.00 or more 25% off, £100.00 or more 30% off.

Removing [DISCOUNT_AMOUNT] and just typing the discount in is the way to go.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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