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This May Be A Great Idea, Although I've Had Way To Much Wine.

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Aric Hoek
Wed Jun 14, 17
12:32 AM
I had a long day today. Got up at five for a shoot at eight. Finished at four.

Picked up my repaired laptop from The Apple Store. Test it out at the store, get home and it still doesn't work.

About an hour ago my kids went to bed and I could start to slow down.

i've found the wine.

My wife is at work, I'm "geeking out" on a movie at my desk, and I just had a thought...

I used Pro Photo, left, and came back and you were Sytist. I came back because (and I'm bet I'm not the only one) I realized hosting my own galleries meant more traffic on my site, as opposed to another site, which Google can see. And if Google can see more traffic on my site than my competitors, then perhaps Google will rank me higher for my selected search terms.

(more wine)

I think I just had an idea I have not seen on any online gallery system.

I want to reward the visitors to my Sytist site who bring other visitors.

Can we track how many times an individual shares anything from the Sytist part of my site?

"Hey Bride. Every time you use your wedding gallery share button you will receive a complementary 5x7".

Can we track who the top five referrers are from a gallery to create a contest?

I want to reward the people who refer my site the most.

I want to reward the people who refer my site to a specific place.
Edited Wed Jun 14, 17 12:38 AM by Aric Hoek
Aric Hoek
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Wed Jun 14, 17
12:22 PM
The concept is fine, but giving away a 5x7 each time someone shares would end up being a lot.

That functionality is not in Sytist, but something I will make a note of.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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