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Emails Not Being Received At Hotmail Or Gmail Addresses

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Will Faulkner
74 posts
Sun Aug 21, 16
5:33 AM
Hi all.
I am having an issue with the system emails not being received from hotmail or gmail addresses. I sent a gallery link to a client who has a hotmail address and she said she didn't receive the email so then I tried sending it to my gmail address and no luck. So thenI tired one of my website email addresses and no problem.
Can anyone help?

Paul White
129 posts
Sun Aug 21, 16
1:12 PM
I am having the same problem. Gmail marks them as SPAM!
Paul White
Will Faulkner
74 posts
Sun Aug 21, 16
3:17 PM
I did have some success on this overnight. I checked the little button that says "Send emails from my email address" and then I was able to receive an email from the system to my gmail account. Still not sure about hotmail.
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10509 posts
Mon Aug 22, 16
11:46 AM
For emails not reaching inboxes and going to spam, it is most likely the IP address of the server you are using has been marked as spam. It doesn't mean your site necessarily, it could be another account on the same server for shared hosting.

Using the SMTP PHPMailer can help with emails getting into inboxes. Info on this page here:

You can also check with your host and see if they can help and see if your IP address has been black listed for spam.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Ryan O
57 posts
Mon Aug 22, 16
11:37 PM
I am having the same issue, but only with hotmail and msn. I spoke with our host and they believe it may be an issue with the PHP Scripting and asked me to refer back to the site designer. Mine is slightly different than others have mentioned. The e-mails do not go to any spam or junk folder, they simply are not received as far as I can tell when testing on my own hotmail account. E-mails from our actual e-mail address go through just fine, it seems to only be with the site generated e-mails (request to view gallery / gallery expiring / etc.)


Amanda G
13 posts
Tue Aug 23, 16
4:35 AM
Me too! I use the same email address to contact clients directly and also via system emails and the system emails often don't get to them. For a few weeks I've been emailing clients directly to say that I've sent them their log-ins and that they should look in their spam folder for them. Many emails seem to go to spam, just a couple haven't had any system email at all. I haven't paid enough attention to which email addresses it affects I'm afraid. However most of my clients are gmail addresses. Does appear to be a system problem (I too contacted my webhost to see if it was something I'm doing but the fact that direct emailing works, would suggest not?).
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10509 posts
Wed Aug 24, 16
5:17 AM
Sending an email directly from your email program is different from emails being sent from you website. When an email is sent from your website, it is sent from the server IP address. It is that that could be blacklisted and cause the emails to not go through.

You can check with your host and see if they can help and see if your IP address has been black listed for spam.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Lisa Schaaf
205 posts
Wed Aug 24, 16
3:30 PM
It's so common for Hotmail, aol and yahoo to just not deliver emails. You can google and see it's an ongoing problem, a lot of businesses and email campaign companies recognize its an issue. I'm not sure you can do anything as it's those free email servers that are blocking you mail.
86 posts
Wed Aug 24, 16
5:34 PM
I've heard the same thing. If one person on a shared server (ip address) uses the server to spam people, the server will be marked as a spammer. Any emails sent from that server will be routed to the SPAM folder. There could be 100's of people on one server. So if you are sharing a server with a spammer, and you send out one email from your site...your one email will be sent to spam because of your neighbor's bad behavior.

That's why MailChimp and other email marketing companies discourage the use of purchased lists and spamming practices.
They will suspend accounts quick if they think you are spamming people.

Maybe if you purchase a separate/dedicated IP address
- this is just an idea, I'm not sure it will work.

Something to research. If anyone finds a solution let us know.

Tim - PicturesPro.com
10509 posts
Thu Aug 25, 16
9:02 AM
Even with a dedicated IP address, the emails may still be sent from the server main IP address. Check with your host about that.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Michael Leenheer
306 posts
Thu Aug 25, 16
12:19 PM
We fought with this issue for a long time; the IP of your sending email provider is a big part of it but not the only part.

Here's a valuable tool: http://isnotspam.com/ -- you can test your emails to see if it has things that would flag it as spam.

Automatic spam-checkers have some warning signs they watch for in emails; one example is when the email contains a link that shows different text than the URL it connects to. As an example, having a link that says "click here" but the URL is "http://www.yoursite.com/photoinfo.php" I reduced the number of automated fields in my outgoing emails and that actually helped more of them go through.

They also watch for when a huge volume of identical emails are all sent at the same time; if you are doing an email blast to your clients consider spacing them out or sending in small batches.

Michael Leenheer | New Light Photography - SUB Photo
Will Faulkner
74 posts
Fri Aug 26, 16
8:08 PM
Ok so after a long battle I've come to some success.

Here's what I did to fix the issue.

1. I ticked the lies checkbox that says "Send emails from your email address" to YES
2. I took Tims advise and set it up using the SMTP PHPMailer
3. I checked the box "Add return path field in email headers". This allowed me to receive bounced email from Hotmail. So at least I knew the client was still uncontested.
4. I contacted my website host to check if my website IP was listed with Hotmail as a spammer IP. Yes it was because I had spammware in my hosting account. they took several days to clean it out and apply to Hotmail to be white listed as a non spammer.
5. I did a test to my hotmail email account from Systist and it worked but went to the junk folder. So I had to flag the email as NOT Junk. Make sure to tell your clients to check their junk folder if they are a hotmail address. Same thing with Gmail accounts.

So that's it hope that helps someone.
Pheeeeeeew I'm exhausted :)

Philippe Penel
79 posts
Thu Feb 22, 18
4:21 AM
I was also having this problem with all yahoo, hotmail related emails but not gmail fortunately, I contacted hotmail, they said the IP address wasn't on their back list, I set up an SPF record, all to no avail. So I changed the settings from PHP to SMTP PHPMailer and it works so far. I tested using a yahoo email and it got there.
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