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Turn Off Email

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Kerry Kempster
Mon Jun 15, 15
8:12 PM
Hi Tim,
Is there a way i can turn off the email I receive when someone places and order please ?

Thank you
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Tue Jun 16, 15
5:56 AM
Sorry, there is not an option to turn off that email.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Timothy Foster
Tue Nov 14, 17
10:02 AM
Just want to revisit this thread, will there be a way to turn of email notifications being sent to my email for orders, booking confirmations and cron emails? My inbox is being bombarded and having a hard time with seeing the important mails
Tim Foster
M Davis
Tue Nov 14, 17
11:47 AM
Work around would be to create an email address solely for orders and direct order emails to that address.
M. Davis
Timothy Foster
Tue Nov 14, 17
11:58 AM
Yeah i know unfortunately i use google apps and all my Alias go to one inbox
Tim Foster
Tue Nov 14, 17
2:53 PM
Create filters in your gmail.

It is extremely powerful and my business simply could not run without gmail filters.

Timothy Foster
Tue Nov 14, 17
2:57 PM
Is that difficult? I would love to do that. So many emails i could remove from my day
Tim Foster
Tue Nov 14, 17
3:06 PM
No, do a search and really get to know gmail filters and auto labelling etc etc.

It will be very much worth your while.

I must have dozens of filters working to sort and tag every email that arrives in my inbox (or even skips my inbox if I deem it). Extremely powerful feature of gmail, and far superior to Outlooks etc directory structure.

Edited Tue Nov 14, 17 3:07 PM by Trailboy
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