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Automate The "gallery Expiring" Emails?

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Jessica McDaniel
16 posts
Mon Apr 13, 15
9:43 PM
Hi there,

Loving my Sytist site - I know you're in touch with Evan, my husband and Webmaster, about a few little things, but I wanted to start by saying it's a wonderful product, we're really liking it.

Quick question - is there a way to automate the "your gallery is going to expire" email? Get it to automatically send a week before each gallery is scheduled to expire?

Jessica McDaniel - Boston Baby Photos - www.bostonbabyphotos.com - http://blog.bostonbabyphotos.com - jess@bostonbabyphotos.com - 617-501-6078
Michael Leenheer
467 posts
Mon Apr 13, 15
11:42 PM
Just want to "upvote" this suggestion; automating this process would be awesome.
Michael Leenheer   || My Sytist: https://subphoto.ca/client_galleries/demo01/
Tim - PicturesPro.com
14889 posts
Tue Apr 14, 15
5:51 AM
There is not a way to do automated emails right now but will look into it in the future.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Jessica McDaniel
16 posts
Tue Apr 21, 15
6:42 PM
Thanks Tim. It'd make a huge difference - I post about 150 galleries of photoshoots for families every year, and managing the reminders for those is going to be super cumbersome. Thanks so much for considering this update, I appreciate it.
Jessica McDaniel - Boston Baby Photos - www.bostonbabyphotos.com - http://blog.bostonbabyphotos.com - jess@bostonbabyphotos.com - 617-501-6078
Victoria Pe?afiel
5 posts
Fri May 15, 15
4:44 PM
My vote for this too! It would be awesome!
Alexis Merritt
14 posts
Tue Aug 18, 15
6:24 PM
Another vote for this! Automated expiration email would be amazing!!
Alicia Williams
181 posts
Wed Aug 19, 15
9:40 PM
Yes, please add this feature. I get a lot of "I didn't know this was expiring" and to be honest, I don't either!

Michael Weeks
285 posts
Thu Aug 20, 15
5:04 AM
The only issue I would have with an automated gallery expiring is that because I do events and bulk photography I can have 200-300 people having viewed a gallery. My web hosting has imposed limits for bulk email and 100 emails in an hour is absolute maximum so I would need some system that not send all emails at once.

Season Moore
46 posts
Tue Nov 03, 15
8:31 AM
A vote for this!!
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