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Rearranging Galleries On A Section

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Glenn Curley
Sat Jan 10, 15
6:26 AM
Is there any way to rearrange galleries that have been created out of sync?

I know I can rearrange sub-galleries on a page, but I can't see how to rearrange galleries on a section.


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Michelle Satchell
Sat Jan 10, 15
2:35 PM
Click on edit under your section name. Under Page Listing Layout - Order pages by - choose 'I will arrange the order' from the dropdown list. This give you the drag and drop feature for that Section
Glenn Curley
Sat Jan 10, 15
2:46 PM
Thanks Michelle, as usual it was something simple that I hadn't checked for.
Karen Cutler
Mon Feb 26, 18
7:40 PM
Thanks to you both - this was driving me nuts!
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