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Item-specific Early-bird Discounts

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Heidi Denney
38 posts
Fri Oct 10, 14
11:26 AM
We've been trying to find a way to offer specific rewards for early-bird purchases and haven't been able to. Currently, it's either a blanket percentage or dollar amount off. What we really want to do is offer 1 free digital file as an early bird discount. Here is the closest we've come to it:

Purchase $50 or more by Sunday and receive one free digital file (immediate download!)
Note: After your cart reaches the $50 minimum, add your choice of digital file and the credit will show at checkout.

1) It's clunky. And weird.
2) People aren't seeing the discount appear until late in checkout which makes them nervous and hold off on their order.
3) The early bird discount won't work when they've done a "buy all" purchase. Yes, we have the buy-all set to never discount. But this isn't a discount. It's a gift with purchase.
4) We actually need to tell the system that the minimum purchase is $86 because we need the cart to be $50 PLUS the $36 digital file they add before checking out. But EVERYONE who makes a purchase of $86 or more automatically gets $36 off, even if they haven't added a digital file in addition to their regular order. So we're losing money on prints we would have had payment for. And they now know the loophole...

Please, please, please add this option to your features to add list!! We would so much appreciate it.
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10629 posts
Sun Oct 12, 14
10:06 AM
I will make a note of it to think about.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Heidi Denney
38 posts
Mon Oct 13, 14
9:25 AM
Michael Leenheer
309 posts
Mon May 11, 15
2:12 PM
I'd like to "bump" this topic for consideration; what I would like to do is offer a store product for free (4 fridge-magnet photos) if they purchased a minimum amount.

Right now I could offer a specific dollar discount and they would then have to add that specific product to the cart; but there's nothing stopping them from just taking the $$ and using it for a different product (which might not be a good deal for me).
Michael Leenheer | New Light Photography - SUB Photo
Sarah MacKenzie
107 posts
Wed Feb 07, 18
6:27 AM
This would be a great feature! I don't want to discount the whole purchase, I'd rather offer a low value for me/high value for client item instead.
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