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Website Emails Not Being Received By Gmail

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Tue Jul 09, 24 5:17 AM CST

I keep finding that many of my customers that have gmail/googlemail accounts are not receiving the emails from the website.  This is for downloads, password resets etc.  I've been getting round this by email links direct (which works fine) so its obviously something gmail doesn't like as I don't get bouncebacks and the emails aren't going to spam/junk folders.  

Hosting and all emails are handled through Easyspace and everything else works fine but I have a feeling its something to do with their email handling and they will need to do something but anyone else have this issue and can advise please?

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Tue Jul 09, 24 11:31 AM CST

You will need to ask your host about getting SPF, DKIM, and DMARC set up if not already and check if the IP address of your site is possibly blacklisted. 

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Wed Jul 10, 24 4:27 AM CST

Great - Thank you Tim, I don't think the IP address is blacklisted as I've checked previously but will double check and also ask Easyspace about SPF, DKIM DMARC.

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Wed Jul 10, 24 9:04 AM CST

Just an update, further to Tim's advice.  

Easyspace did have the records in place but only for email and not for the website.  They have quickly amended the issue so fingers crossed it should sort itself out in next 24 hrs once DNS updates etc.  

I double checked blacklists and the domain/IP did not appear on any that  I could see thankfully.

Thanks again Tim

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