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Multiple Group Photos ( Quick Question For Anyone Please!! )

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Tue Jul 09, 24 1:15 AM CST

Hey there - I still use the tag system - ABC123-, and the default group photo for this way is -GROUP- ( to use the word GROUP btn two dashes )

I know there is a workaround for multiple groups in one gallery - can anyone tell me what this is in this format?

( ie:  -GROUP-(1) and -GROUP-(2) or -GROUP1-, -GROUP2- ? )

I know I should know this but I can only find new QR info ???


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Tue Jul 09, 24 3:40 AM CST

Hi Leanne

I haven't delved into the updates for quite some time, but that was one of the main reasons I had to move away from this platform for our volume schools. I had too many that required more than one master class (eg tutor class plus year group) and there was not a way to assign more than one in the csv. I used to create sub galleries with all of the extra groups to get around it, but it wasn't that great for sales. If however, there has been an update and you find a way, I would love to hear. Thank you. Brooke.

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Tue Jul 09, 24 7:45 PM CST

Thanks Brooke!

Yes, hopefully someone has an answer.  I have worked around in the past by adding the ( multiple ) group photos to every single sub-gallery as part of the child's code, but this is tedious and inefficient when the same photo is ABC123(45) and also XYZ123(32) ..

A competitor does the separate gallery for groups and I know they get a LOT of complaints because ordering individuals and then hopping into another folder to add group photos is too much for the average Joe to process.  Too much work for the customer = lost or diminished sales.

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Wed Jul 10, 24 8:45 PM CST

Hi Leanne

Yea, the customer complaints and the lack of another work around became a deal breaker in the end for me with our school market. I still miss sooooo many of the other features I don't have now though. Can't win em all.  We still use sytist for our sports clubs which have a different offering. Still following in case someone else knows another way or if it becomes an update. All the best :)

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Thu Jul 11, 24 7:46 AM CST

I don't understand why putting group photos in their own gallery, under their own code is such an inconvenience to buyers?  

This is the way we have always done it.  Helps also that group photographs have a different price list to individuals, so that separation is beneficial if you ask me. 

Different code, different gallery, but as long as they can add all their images to the same order, then I'm happy.  Maybe I don't know what I am missing, but I haven't noticed a drop off in buying or any customers complain.

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Thu Jul 11, 24 5:43 PM CST

Parents like it on a silver platter - the minimal the clicks the better. We have schools that students are in multiple core classes, so ideally there would be a csv that managed more than one core class. EG Sally Smith - Portrait Pack + Tutor Class ABC + Year Group 10 = All viewed at log in page, all in one package & one click to add to cart = done. 

We then have al a carte too for those only wanting a portrait, and or a certain class, but our feedback suggested that parents like/expect package deals for the whole lot.

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