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Mysql Error: Disk Full (help If Possible)

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Sun Apr 28, 24 9:26 AM CST

Hi Guys

getting this error and have no host support at the moment as its after hours

I got it the other week and updated to the new site and it cleared 30 mins later with no deletions upon my part. Whats the best way to get around this? I have only used 10-20% of my allowed 500gb

MYSQL ERROR: Disk full (/var/mysql_tmp/#sql-temptable-7da0-19d277-18b69.MAI); waiting for someone to free some space... (errno: 28 "No space left on device")

Query: SELECT *,date_format(DATE_ADD(book_date, INTERVAL 0 HOUR), '%M %e, %Y ') AS book_date_show, time_format(book_time, '%l:%i %p') AS book_time_show,date_format(DATE_ADD(book_date, INTERVAL 0 HOUR), '%m%e') AS book_date_order, date_format(DATE_ADD(book_date, INTERVAL 0 HOUR), '%M %e ') AS book_date_recur_year FROM ms_bookings LEFT JOIN ms_calendar ON ms_bookings.book_service=ms_calendar.date_id LEFT JOIN ms_cart ON ms_bookings.book_id=ms_cart.cart_booking LEFT JOIN ms_orders ON ms_cart.cart_order=ms_orders.order_id WHERE (book_date>='2024-04-29' OR book_recurring_y='1') AND book_confirmed='1' AND (order_id IS NULL OR (order_id>'0' AND order_invoice='0')) GROUP BY book_id ORDER BY book_date_order ASC, book_time ASC
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129 posts
Sun Apr 28, 24 6:48 PM CST

Low and behold - sites back up this morning.

16,437 posts (admin)
Mon Apr 29, 24 3:17 AM CST

Looks like server itself was out of space.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
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