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Capitalized Url Sent Out By League

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Fri Apr 05, 24 10:06 AM CST

One of my leagues sent out a URL that they decided to stylize/capitalize.  The capitalized version hit a 404 error.  I ended up having to go in on the FTP side and manually create a capitalized folder in which I redirected the user to the correct ordering page.  Is there a better workaround for something like this?  

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Sat Apr 06, 24 3:28 AM CST

You will need to rename the URL back to what it was and  redirect the upper case one to the lower case one. 

To redirect, go into the the file manager in your hosting control panel and navigate to the .htaccess file in your root directory. 

You will add Redirect 301 then the URL with the upper case without the https and domain then the URL of the lower case one separated by a space. It will look something like this: 

Redirect 301 /galleries/Gallery-link/ /galleries/gallery-link/

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