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Two-fold Problem With Collections Within Collections

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Sat Mar 30, 24 1:31 AM CST

Hi Tim .. im sure I must be doing something wrong, but im not sure how to fix it ?

1.  With Collections Within Collections .. for eg:  one that might include all downloads and an enlargement and wallets.. when choosing items, I know the following will confuse after choosing just half of the pack: 

"Your collection is complete" .. clients don't understand multi-collections in a pack ... this pop-up is confusing to me as I obviously ( to me ) need to choose another item.

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Sat Mar 30, 24 1:42 AM CST

Part 2 - Also related to collections within collections ..

I have a pack that includes All Downloads + 12 prints.
When printed to the spreadsheet, all the digital files show fine, but the 12 images I most need to print come out like this: 

I think the only way I can create a pack that includes a Buy-All is to have collections within collections yes?

( This photo attachment is all one order - all her buy-alls print out one by one but the chosen 12 for printing is ?? )

How can I fix this?


Attached Photos

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Sat Mar 30, 24 1:48 AM CST

( and with the top one, I do understand I can create a new collection that includes wallets and an 8x10 ) .. but that is what I have done with the 2nd example where the choices do not print out to the spreadsheet!

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Mon Apr 01, 24 9:05 AM CST

I've made a note to look into your issue.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Thu Apr 11, 24 8:39 PM CST

Thankyou - ive turned off any packages with collections within collections for the meantime - being bigger packs with more complex items, it's too much of a brain drain to manually comb the orders to populate the spreadsheets.

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