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Pre-order To Order (& Selecting Images) Before We Have A Roster

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Fri Mar 29, 24 10:39 PM CST

Hi again! Newbie here. I am trying to find information on the best process if this is our workflow for a particular job we have coming up. 

1. Set up pre-order BEFORE we have a roster (link to correct price list etc) and share as a link in Save the Date email from League Organizers 
2. Client orders & pays.
3. THEN we receive roster, load it up, get QR codes
4. Photograph, load images & verify QR codes, email goes out from system (via email addresses in the roster) with info on how to access photos
5. HOW does it connect with those who preordered in #2 above, to prompt them to select their images (not being charged again).  Does it recognize the email address of the person who pre-ordered, as long as the parent is using the same email address?

Would be great if there is a detailed post / instructions or video. Sorry if I have missed!

Thank you for your help :)


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Sun Mar 31, 24 5:21 AM CST

If you set up in your price list for your pre-orders that they are coming back to select photos later (View price -> Settings -> Pre-order Options -> Check: Yes, customers will return later to select photos for their pre-ordered products.) then when they purchase from the pre-order those products are added to their cart in their account. 

When the photos are ready they log into their account then select the photos for the products they pre-ordered and checkout at no additional cost unless they purchase additional products.


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