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Amazon S3 Uploading Folders

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Tue Mar 19, 24 1:03 PM CST

Hi,  I have hit a problem with my Hosting Company in that I have far too many images on the site.  I am thinking about moving over to having the images on Amazon S3.   I have created an account and was wondering if there was a way of uploading the galleries named, as I am not sure how they upload, do they upload individual images just in one big gallery?  I photograph equestrian events and have many subgalleries within a gallery for events.  I need to get this sorted as soon as possible.  I have only until middle of April to get this sorted, only just informed (i have in excess of 1tb of images).  I look forward to receiving any advice.

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Tue Mar 19, 24 7:00 PM CST

Its definitely possible - I had the same issue. I cant remember where you put your S3 Account details into sytist. (sure its in the Manual) but from the image gallery 'PHOTOS' select all images and then the orange icon from the tray down the bottom will move them to AMAZON. From memory they go into dated folders in amazon. I am sure you will get more accurate instructions.

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Wed Mar 20, 24 3:44 AM CST

After you have set up your S3 settings in Settings -> Photo Settings, you can go into the galleries, go to the Photos tab, click the More tab then click Move to S3 to move the files from the server to S3. 

On Amazon S3 the photos will go into one big folder.

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Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Wed Mar 20, 24 8:13 PM CST

It's super easy like Tim says to move to Amazon. Highly recommend it keeps my system for bogging down. I have 2 Sytist sites and one that I sell sports images I currently have over 86,000+ photos with no issues! Site runs fast and images pop up quick. You'll also be amazed how little it costs to use S3! Any questions you can hit me up to!

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Thu Mar 21, 24 2:01 PM CST

Hello all- 

I'm in the same situation as Catherine, and needing to move my Sytist images from my host (HostPapa) to Amazon S3 not because of size or amount of images, but because of the inode limit. I have almost 2 million inodes and the max allowed with my hosting account is 150,000. 

Thanks for all the helpful instructions and tips moving to Amazon S3. 

I'm still unclear about a few things and need help. 

1) Moving the photos to Amazon S3 will delete both the image files AND inode files from the original hosting account?

2) Will my Sytist site (galleries / subgalleries / menus etc) be kept intact and the same when I move to Amazon S3? The directions to move photos seem a bit simple, hope I'm not missing something?

3) Is it feasible to move a large archive of almost 200,000 images (mostly web sized, about 500GB total) to Amazon S3? Approx how much time will this take? And approx cost per month? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Fri Mar 22, 24 4:04 AM CST

1) Inodes is just a fancy word for files. It's the same thing.

2) Everything will be kept intact. 

3) Hard to give an estimate on time or cost. Time wise it's like uploading the photo again, a little quicker, when moving them to S3. Cost wise, I don't know, but won't be like hundreds of dollars. I'd guess between $5-$20 maybe.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Fri Mar 22, 24 9:58 AM CST

Thank you Tim, very helpful. 

One more question I'm unclear of:
Do all the Sytist directory files stay on the original hosting account and just the image files get moved over? Or do ALL the Sytist files get moved over to Amazon S3? 

16,437 posts (admin)
Fri Mar 22, 24 10:33 AM CST

It is only moving photo files. No Sytist files.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Fri Mar 22, 24 12:03 PM CST

I got Amazon S3 setup and so far it's working great to move photos there. 

But I'm confused about this:
When I create a new gallery, how do I have them upload to Amazon S3 to begin with? I only see the option to move them to S3 after uploading.

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Fri Mar 22, 24 12:11 PM CST

It's an option in the upload dialog.

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Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
This reply was deleted.
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Fri Mar 22, 24 2:56 PM CST

Didn't notice that before, thanks Tim.

I'm quickly realizing that moving almost 200,000 images to S3 is no small task.
I have to do this gallery by gallery??

The other method could be "all photos" tab and add to tray but if I scroll more than about a page down then doing shift+click doesn't work to select many images at once. It highlights them blue but doesn't actually select them for the tray (see screenshot). Is this a browser issue (I've tested two) or Sytist issue?

Any advice is much appreciated, this is getting very difficult  :( 

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16,437 posts (admin)
Mon Mar 25, 24 4:23 AM CST

You are going to have to go gallery by galleries to move the photos.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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