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Getting Customer Phone Number In Order Emails Sent To Them And Me.

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Mon Feb 05, 24 10:43 AM CST

The email that gets sent to ME when an order is placed is just a copy paste of the email sent to the customer, so if I edit the emails that are sent to the customer it should change the email that is sent to me.

I've read here there are no global or site wide replace codes and there is no replace code listed for phone numbers.  Nevertheless I have read here to try the replace code [PHONE].  I tried that, but it didn't work.

The only data I require from customers when they make an account is phone number (I plan to ship no physical products and billing seems to work without an address as well).  So every account should have a phone number - I just want to get that number into emails that are sent out (mostly to me, but it's fine if they go to the customer as well - it's a way for them to see if they mistyped their number).  I also plan to use those numbers for gallery passcodes so if they type their number incorrectly it's important to have a "paper trail" to see why when they manually enter their correct number to access a gallery it's not working (because they typed it incorrectly when they made an account).

I can not use one of the 5 custom fields when a customer places an order for their phone number because I'm already using all of them for something else.

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Tue Feb 06, 24 8:42 AM CST

I too have need for more fields for this area. I already use all 5 and am asking for double the info on some lines, which gets messy for automating the processing of fulfilling orders.

I too would like to add a few more, and separate some, as the best area for collecting some information is right at checkout.

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Wed Feb 07, 24 2:57 AM CST

Settings -> Default Emails & Text Messages -> Orders & Invoices -> Order Email

Add this somewhere (like after email) 

Phone: [PHONE]

 And make sure Phone is checked in Settings -> Account Requirements under Placing An Order.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
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