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Php Questions, Enable_dl, Security, Functions...

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Fri Sep 15, 23 8:46 AM CST

Dedicated Server, setup using a common firewall, CFS LFD. They have an admin function where suggestions are made for 'better' server security setting for a server/ip address.

One of their suggestions talks about disabling a PHP function for dynamic libraries.

You should set: enable_dl = Off

Does changing this setting affect the normal operation of Sytist?

There's also a suggestion: You should consider disabling commonly abused php functions, e.g.: disable_functions = show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, popen, proc_open

Same question, does changing these values affect Sytist functionality?

Thanks in advance for replies and help!


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Fri Sep 15, 23 10:33 AM CST

I don't know about enable_dl  and after reading about it I still don't know.

For those functions you can disable them. The only one Sytist uses is the system() function to create a database backup so you may not want to disable that one.

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