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S3 Transfer Acceleration

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Mon Aug 28, 23 7:43 PM CST

Currently using Amazon S3 for Sytist photo storage, and It' works as well as It's supposed to best as I can tell with the standard endpoint

I would like to try the S3 bucket Transfer Acceleration which requires a slightly different endpoint as highlighted below. 

Will Sytist work with the accelerated endpoint if I replace the current endpoint in settings with the accelerated one?

To access the bucket that is enabled for Transfer Acceleration, you must use the endpoint (replace bucketname with actual bucket name)

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Mon Aug 28, 23 9:14 PM CST


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Tue Aug 29, 23 6:38 AM CST

I don't know. You'll have to try by updating the endpoint in Settings -> Photo Settings.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Tue Aug 29, 23 9:30 AM CST

The Transfer Acceleration endpoint DOES NOT work properly at this time with Sytist.

For the s3 bucket I am using for Sytist,  I swapped the regular endpoint for the accelerated endpoint as per the AWS instruction. Viewing existing galleries of images previously processed by Sytist and stored on s3 works okay, but processing new files to s3 causes broken links to the files processed. The photos do exist on s3 and Sytist knows they are there but Sytist only shows broken links to them in the galleries and in All Photos.

16,196 posts (admin)
Tue Aug 29, 23 10:26 AM CST

I've never don e anything with the  Transfer Acceleration endpoints so I don't know how it is supposed to work. I'll make a note to look into it.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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