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Move Everything To Amazon S3

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Sat Jul 15, 23 12:44 PM CST

I've recently been trying to use amazon s3 to move some galleries, some individual sporting events to s3, to free up some space on my almost finished 500gb hosting

I ask you if I'm wrong and I haven't understood well yet or if mine is a correct observation.

sityst cannot bulk move a single gallery/sports competition entirely. I have to move the individual subcategories and selecting all the individual photos. so if a sports competition is divided into 2 days with 10 subcategories each I have to select 20 blocks of photos and start 20 moving processes???
Edited Sat Jul 15, 23 12:45 PM by Marco B
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Sat Jul 15, 23 12:53 PM CST

You have to do each gallery or sub gallery one at a time, But you can use "all photos" and select all the images you want to transfer, once they are in the tray, click the yellow box to send to s3.

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Sat Jul 15, 23 1:09 PM CST
ok thanks for the reply vance, this worries me a lot.
Tim just out of curiosity and for future hope, is it a limit of sityst or s3??
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Sat Jul 15, 23 4:11 PM CST

That's just how sytist works, i store everything on S3, i send it upon upload. My racing site has 69000 images and it only costs around 6 dollars a month on average.

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Sat Jul 15, 23 4:46 PM CST
no vance you can upload it to the domain hosting, keep it there for months and then move it to s3.
I'm sorry but this does not yield one of the advantages of s3.
each hosting plan has a certain amount of space, and we can use it for the new photos that are sold this month, but after x months when 90% of the sales have already been made, we can move to s3 in an economic plan and not instantaneous.
this is a great way in my opinion to take advantage of domain hosting and one of the benefits of s3 .
but if then to move 3 months of competitions I have to spend a week in front of the PC to select hundreds of sub-categories it doesn't make sense, the code must be upgraded, so it's neutered. you must be able to select the entire event and move it in one click as you do with a single photo
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Sat Jul 15, 23 5:26 PM CST

I know you can do it later but i don't,  it's just one less step to do it at time of upload. That way i am not sitting in your spot, and now want to move them to S3.

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Sat Jul 15, 23 5:29 PM CST

Also S3 encrypts each file so uploading as a zip or a file might not work.

Edited Sat Jul 15, 23 6:02 PM by Vance Birno
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Sat Jul 15, 23 6:07 PM CST

ok found a way to move an entire event with one click

photos / more / move to s3
made tests in test folders and move all the subcategories, the only problem you have to keep the page open, it would be perfect if it did it in the backgroung like when deleting photos
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Sun Jul 16, 23 1:08 AM CST

Guess i should have been clearer, correct that is the way to do it, that is what i meant about sending a gallery or sub galley to S3. But it is still sending  each image to S3 because it is encrypting each one. I will still just send them straight to S3, that is just my preference of doing things, no other steps needed. 

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