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Hidden Folder Synology Drive

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Sat Jun 10, 23 5:21 AM CST


my sytist installation is on a Synology NAS. For upload easily my picture I have sy-upload in Synology drive like that capture one export on a local folder, after Synology drive synch this folder with sy-upload and I have just a clock to launch integration on my website.

My problem is Synology Drive create hidden folder @eaDir for indexation. It is not possible to remove this folder, all is automatic. When I add pictures to the website sytist show this folder and create dir and subdir.

Anyway to say to sytist don't read theses folders ?

Best regards

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Mon Jun 12, 23 5:02 AM CST

There is not an option to have Sytist ignore folders that are in the sy-upload folder.

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