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Split Account Requirements

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Thu Nov 24, 22 9:21 AM CST
a customer of an occasional sporting event may want to buy one of our photos, there are two possibilities:
1) buy a print, so to complete the order I need to have your email, name, surname, address, city, zip code, etc ------- OK NO PROBLEM

2) the most frequent scenario for those who buy sports photos online (in my case 90%) buy a digital file that I send by email, to complete the order your email is enough for me ------- THE PROBLEM HERE It's because they complain that they have to give home address phone and other useless data in order to receive a digital file by email.

setting / account requirement must be split. you must have required fields for digital products and required fields for physical shipments. if a user has registered today for a digital file and has entered only the email and tomorrow orders a print he will be automatically asked to integrate the address, city, zip code etc, otherwise if he continues to order files or if he disappears forever why don't you go to photograph his children at sports anymore, he hasn't left around useless data to unknown people.
in europe we are very careful on these matters, people complain and phone to ask why they have to tell you where they live if they have bought a digital download, and they are right
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Thu Nov 24, 22 10:29 AM CST
I second this, to a certain degree.

Why are you requesting home address details at the account creation stage, rather than at the ordering basket stage? Our customers are not presented with home delivery options if they only have digital images in their basket, so I would remove it from the account creation stage Marco and this might solve your problem.

I choose to not ask anybody for a home address at any point as 99% of my customers choose school collection rather than home delivery. I then contact those that choose home delivery asking for their address. I certainly don't want unnecessary PI hanging around on my server.

The best solution for me would be: when customers choose the Home delivery radio button, should they only then be presented with a modal box for address details. GDPR states that only essential information is gathered.

Edited Thu Nov 24, 22 10:31 AM by Trailboy
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Thu Nov 24, 22 2:27 PM CST
yes, you use a better method, you've leveled yourself on the majority and then you operate manually on the minority, thanks, I'm reflecting on whether to migrate to your solution, which is temporary and does not solve the problem.
I hope tim decides to add this upgrade in the next updates, it shouldn't be difficult.
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Thu Nov 24, 22 2:39 PM CST
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Tue Nov 29, 22 4:23 AM CST
I simulated the purchase on a photographer's website.
if I add digital files to the cart in the checkout it asks me email and telephone, if I go back and add a print to the cart, in the checkout it remains under the email and telephone field as before, the shipping item is added with the cost and additional fields such as address , postcode etc.

this is an interesting approach to the problem, because it is managed as supplementary fields inside the shipping package and not in the account management which remains unchanged
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