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Screenshot Prevention Features?

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Mon Aug 15, 22 9:50 AM CST
I was doing some searching today on ways to prevent screenshots of proofs. I do watermark mine fairly heavily, but tacky people still post them.

Would it be possible to do something like the D-fence method (the last section on this page describes it: )

Basically render an animated flickering layer so the image appears to flicker subtly, but each screenshot attempt will have a different section blocked or blurred... maybe blurred would be too intensive to process, but maybe random noise (because something like black boxes would make it easy to composite and remove).
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Mon Aug 15, 22 11:43 AM CST
There is really nothing that can be done. Those all look like it is for apps which Sytist is not. The animation thing doesn't seem reasonable for people viewing photos. Plus there may be patented.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Tue Aug 16, 22 7:36 AM CST
Post at a very low resolution. That way if they do, it will be unusable in any way. (400px max)
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Sat Sep 10, 22 9:31 AM CST
I watermark mine all over, top to bottom. If anyone did screenshot (and I don't believe anyone has), it would only be a big advertisement for me and obviously a proof.
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