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How To Setup Downloads After Client Pays And Books Online

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Scott Pack
25 posts
Wed Apr 24, 19
7:03 AM
Ok, I've been reading the manual and to be honest I'm lost at how to achieve the following process.

I do real estate photography and my client books and pay me for the session through the Booking feature in Sytist. (This works fine)

I am trying to figure out exactly what I need to do to allow them to download their images without charging them again for the downloads. I know there is a free download option, this I get. But how to set up the gallery for each client for each property and for the type of package they purchased is what I am having an issue with.

Basically, I want my clients to be able to:
1. Download for free the max images they purchased through the booking session, retain just those images they selected and discard any others. I offer 4 packages.
* Package 1 has 20 max images and the client can select up to 20 images from a shoot that will contain 20+ images or more. Package 2 has 30 max images, Package 4 has 40 max images, and Package 5 has 50 max images.

I also want to state that I want to offer my client the ability to download images in two sizes/resolutions; one size for print and one size for use on MLS or web sites.

So in setting this up for my type of situation can anyone suggest the steps I need to take? As I stated, I'm totally clueless as I don't do prints and only wish to offer downloads. These downloads being under the client's own section and then sub-galleries for each property to keep things ordered.

I cleared out all my Photo products section entries to start off fresh, so no price lists, product base, ect., exist at present because I screwed everything up trying to figure this out.

Any help would be appreciated as this whole gallery and product thing has me baffled.
Tim - PicturesPro.com
11625 posts
Wed Apr 24, 19
11:55 AM
I would suggest looking at the download credits

Basically what you would do is create them a redeem code for the amount of credits/downloads included in their package. For your download product set a credit value of 1.

Say they get 10 downloads. You give them a code with 10 download credits. Then once they use up their download credits, they can purchase more photos if they wanted at the regular price you have set for your download product.

But the being able to download 2 sizes of the same photo will be an issue because there is not an option for that. That is available in free downloads, but not in paid or downloaded with download credits.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Scott Pack
25 posts
Fri Apr 26, 19
8:34 AM
Tim, Is it possible to add credits as part of the booking process or will this have to be done manually? I am looking for a way to streamline the process.

Below would be the streamlined process I had in mind:

1. Customer visits site and creates an account.
2. The customer then proceeds to Book page I have set up using four booking choices I have to offer.
3. Customer can then pick the date and time and book a session. (I have yet to decide as to force payment at the time of booking as some clients may wish to pay in cash or check.) As of now, I want to leave payment process out and manually confirm each booking request then send the client an invoice manually.
4. Once the client has paid the booking then have Sytist automatically apply credits (20, 30, 40, or 50 credits depending on the booking they paid for.)
5. I go and shoot the property.
6. I upload photos from shoot to proof gallery or straight to client gallery.
7. The client is sent an email letting them know pictures are ready for proofing/download and redeem code is automatically inserted from a batch of redeem codes I created.
8. Client logs in and either proofs or selects images for download and uses their credits (either added automatically or manually, hopefully, auto) to download from available photos.
9. End process.

My questions are these:
Q. Can credits be added automatically during the booking? Or can I inject into the email template a code to get the next available Redeem code automatically? e.g. - [Redeem_Code_30DLC] the 30DLC is the batch ID for 30 Download credits.
Q. If they receive 20 credits and only use, say 15 credits when they go to download, are the remaining credits available to use on another project, or are they only valid for the current project? Your link above did not say what happens to unused credits. (I am assuming they keep them.)
Edited Fri Apr 26, 19 9:20 AM by Scott Pack
Tim - PicturesPro.com
11625 posts
Sun Apr 28, 19
5:34 AM
There is no option to automatically add download credits when someone makes a booking. You would have to generate them a code.

Now if you use the paid access feature, with that there is an option to include download credits with the purchase.

So if you wanted them to pay when the photos are ready, you could use that feature for them to pay to view the photos and have it include the download credits.

Any download credits not used will remain in their account and can use them later.
Edited Sun Apr 28, 19 5:38 AM by Tim - PicturesPro.com
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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