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Group Photos In Passcode Galleries Showing Up When They Shouldn't

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Sat Nov 18, 23 6:27 AM CST

I have two different test galleries which contain passcoded and group photos.

Example  file names: 

gallery 1:    -001701-1.jpg        -003101-1.jpg         andrew-group-.jpg

gallery 2: testindividual-4321-.jpg        teamclass-group-.jpg      testteam2-group-.jpg 

All appears to work correctly, with the correct group photos showing up alongside the passcoded photos when the correct code is used.

However, as a test, I thought I would see what happens if you use 'group' as the code in 'find my photos'

Curiously, the group photos in gallery 2 show up (I don't want them to!) but the group photo in gallery 1 does not.

video to give an idea (first two codes are for images in one gallery, next code is for images in another, then typing 'group' as a code to see the effect - group images in second gallery show up when they shouldn't. Group Image in first gallery doesn't.

Am I missing the obvious?


Interestingly, on setting up a third gallery to test this further, and typing 'group' in 'Find my photos', the second gallery group photos no longer show up - but the third gallery ones do! 

Deleting the group photos in both the second and third galleries results in the group photo in gallery 1 becoming visible.  

My conclusion is that *probably, if you have group photos anywhere in any galleries, those in the *last gallery to be edited will show up on typing 'group.' Is this correct?

Edited Sat Nov 18, 23 7:53 AM by chris rowan
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Mon Nov 20, 23 5:05 AM CST

I couldn't see anything wrong with your video other than typing in group showing the group photos of the most recent gallery which makes sense, but I should probably not allow the searching for "group"  (in which someone will be like "the password for my gallery 'group' isn't working anymore").

For group photos using the passcode in the filename which you are doing (method 1 may be a better way) it will pull the group photos within the same gallery.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Mon Nov 20, 23 5:45 AM CST

That's great.

Good to have the conformation that it is working as expected.

I guess I am just a bit worried that parents may investigate typing in 'group' just on the off chance. Certainly don't intend telling them they can.

It's really unlikely anyone would so I would imagine it's not something you might want to address in a later update.

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