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Speed Of Processing Within Sytist

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Mon Jun 27, 22 4:49 AM CST
Can anybody tell me what is the optimal file size to upload, along with Sytist settings for the fastest processing by Sytist?

I would like to upload images at an event for competitors to view and purchase while the event is going on. With 5 photographers shooting all day for three days that is quite a lot of images being produced.

Thanks in advance,
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Mon Jun 27, 22 11:15 AM CST
The smaller the file the faster the upload & process. I think something around 1600 pixels is good.

You may want to use the watch folder option if you don't know about it.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Mon Jun 27, 22 1:23 PM CST
I go half of what Tim suggests. 800 max pixel edge, but I also am not letting customers download from the website. I send them full size files separately via a FTP service.

I also show on site using my own custom built software/system, so I already have the smaller images made, with my watermark already on, and I simply upload those max 800 pixel edge images to my website after the show for customers to order from.

If you upload too nice of images, more temptation to just steal them. I deal with a lot of youth and they are not always ethical yet.

The PC I use processes the files faster than any server will as it is dedicated to that and built specifically for processing 128 images (32 processors doing 4 images each) at a time. I have ingested and sorted 24 photographers concurrently and I was still not maxing the machine. It flies through them all. It is overbuilt.

Last night I was able to upload 30K images in about 30 minutes. It does depend on network speed and I am on a Verizon 5G router in a fairly good area. I also think because I am not burdening the server with putting the watermark on, it lowers the server overhead and maybe some added speed. I have not tested that too much since I already have the smaller files already made.

I have not started to use the watchfolder yet, but have played with it. I have to do some testing yet and hope to have that implemented in about a month or so. Then it will be almost live.
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Mon Jun 27, 22 2:47 PM CST
Thank you both. I need to do some more testing and you have given me some ideas Lori. I tried at various quality settings, with and without a watermark, but the thing that made the biggest difference was changing the process/rest timings to 30/2 sec respectively. Adding or not adding a watermark was not a vast difference. Images at 1024 on the long side. The upload speed has not been an issue, it was the processing time once they arrived in Sytist.

The Folder watch works a treat by the way.
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