What is a Domain Name, Hosting, Etc...


What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website address, like yourwebsite.com . You can register (buy) a domain name from many places, but I personally use Godaddy.com for domain registrations. Domain registrations generally run about $15 per year. 

What is hosting?

Hosting are the servers (basically computers)  that hold your website data (files and photos) and  serves your website to the internet. It also manages your email addresses @yourdomain name. You can find hosting plans starting about $10 per month. If you are looking for a host, I highly recommend SaratogaHosting.com. You can also register domain names with SaratogaHosting.com. Other hosting companies

How do they work together?

Your domain is pointed to the hosting by what is called DNS or Name Servers. Then when someone types in your domain name, they get shown your website content from your hosting. You don't have to have your domain name and hosting with the same company. You can have your domain name register with one company and host with another. 

When you set up a hosting account, they will provide you name servers to use to update your domain name to tell your domain where to point if you already own a domain name.

How does Sytist come into play?

Sytist (or any other website software) is a bunch of files that get installed or uploaded to your hosting. Then you can manage Sytist through your browser (like you would visit any website). It is not something you install on your computer. Here are the instructions on how Sytist is installed on the host.

What fees can I expect?

Sytist is a one time purchase for $289 and includes 1 year of free updates. After that you can optionally pay for another year of updates for $99.

There are no other commissions or fees with Sytist.

  • Hosting: Around $10+ per month.
  • Domain: Around $15 per year.
  • Payment Fees: No matter what option you use to accept payments, there are going to be fees. For example, PayPal.com and Stripe.com charge 2.9% plus $.30 (30 cents) per transaction which is competitive with other payment processors.  Example: someone purchases something for $100, the total fees for that transaction would be $3.20. 
  • SSL: a SSL (or Security Certificate)  is what gives you a secure page (the httpS you see in the address bar). A SSL is needed for SOME payment processors (the ones where the customer enters in their credit card directly on your website). Some hosts will provide you a SSL for free. If not, you can get a SSL starting around $50 per year or so. (prices really vary).


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