This is a Q&A for the Sytist Hosted service. For information about functionality and Sytist features, click here.

How much space is available?

50 GB / 50,000 photos. Plans for more space available.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. After you have signed up for Sytist Hosted, you will be sent an email about adding your own domain name or custom sub domain. 

Can I get my own email address @mydomain?

You can have up to 2 email addresses @mydomain if you are using your own domain name. Example,, etc...

Am I locked into a contract?

No, you can cancel at any time. 

Are there any transaction fees or commissions?

Nope. Any other fees you would have will be with your payment processing option.

Does Sytist Hosted have all the option of Sytist self-hosted?

There are a few options available when purchasing and hosting Sytist yourself that is not available with Sytist hosted. Those are: editing config & .htaccess files, running custom MySQL queries, Amazon S3 photo hosting & changing mail sending settings (which are already set for best setup). All other features are the same.

If I start using Sytist Hosted, but then want to purchase Sytist and host it myself, can I get credit for what I spent and move the content?

No. Anything spent on Sytist Hosted does not go toward the purchase of self-hosted Sytist. Also content / data from Sytist Hosted can note be moved to self-hosted Sytist. 

Can I have FTP access?

You will have a FTP account that will connect to the sy-upload folder for uploading photos only.

Do I have access to the Sytist files?

You will not have access to the actual Sytist working files on the server.

When am I billed?

Monthly starting after your first payment. You will have the option to pay 1, 2, 3 or 6 months at a time. You will also be sent email reminders 1 week and 1 day before payment is due. You will also have a message on your Sytist admin dashboard showing when your next payment is due. 

What happens if I am late paying? 

If you are more than 5 days past due, your Sytist will automatically be disabled until payment is received. If you are more than 1 month past due, your installation will be terminated and can not be recovered.  

Is there phone support?

PicturesPro no longer offers phone support. It is more efficient for us to us the support forum and email support.

Can I install other scripts or programs? 

No. Installing other scripts, systems or programs (ie: wordpress) is not allowed. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.


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