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Beth Eggert
2 posts
Mon Jan 29, 18
2:16 PM
I host through Go Daddy and just updated my ssl certificate. My blogsites are wp and I've used a plug in to make them secure now. Pretend you are talking to a two year old...can someone tell me how to activate the ssl certificate with my Photocart? I have no idea where to begin. thank you.
Tim -
9611 posts
Tue Jan 30, 18
4:21 AM
In your Photo Cart admin go to Settings > Customer Registration & Login Settings. Check the option "Use secure pages on login, register and checkout pages".

If you want to "force" httpS on all pages, you will need to ask your host how to do that (with .htaccess file).
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Beth Eggert
2 posts
Wed Jan 31, 18
8:35 AM
thank you!
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