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Strict Mode Issue With Photocart/websited And Inmotion Hosting

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Brett Rojo
2 posts
Fri Jan 19, 18
7:59 AM
Good morning Tim. Yesterday while trying to create a new gallery in PhotoCart, I received a very ugly error. Searching the forums, I found several topics about this being because of StrictMode being enabled on the host. I also discovered I can no longer create an album or blog in Website D. It doesn't pop an error of any kind, it just does not keep the changes.

I've gone round and round with InMotion Hosting. They will NOT tell me what they changed that broke my site that has worked fine for several years and they will not disable StrictMode. The scam they are pulling is telling me I must move to a much higher cost dedicated server and off the shared server I'm currently on to get around the StrictMode problem.

Is there anything I can do code wise to work around this? They pointed me to a section in the php.ini about an error reporting section but the text they said that needed to be there is already there.

Lastly, I purchased Sytist a couple years ago but not had the time to implement it. Other than finding a hosting company that has a shared server with StrictMode off, that may be my only solution. Will Sytist have the same problem with Strict Mode? The version of PHP on this server is 5.6.30.

Thank you
Edited Fri Jan 19, 18 9:35 AM by Brett Rojo
Tim -
10728 posts
Fri Jan 19, 18
10:17 AM
You are probably seeing an error related to Warning Date(): It Is Not Safe To Rely On The System's Timezone.

1) Download the setup.php file from your Photo Cart to your computer and open it in a text editor like notepad. Or you can edit it in the file manager in your hosting control panel.

2) Add the following line of code right after the <?php at the beginning of the file.


3) Save and re-upload the file to your Photo Cart folder overwriting the existing one.

The file to add that to in Website:D is ms_config.php
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Brett Rojo
2 posts
Fri Jan 19, 18
11:01 AM
Tim my man. You ROCK!

Thank you so much!
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