Paypal Requiring Updating The Api Certificate To 2048 Bit

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Brian Reynolds
53 posts
Thu Jan 04, 18
1:08 PM

Will this cause any problems in photo cart??

From paypal:
"PayPal’s existing API certificate credentials are 1024-bit, SHA-1 certificates that expire after 10 years. Starting on February 4, 2016, all PayPal API certificate credentials issued will be 2048-bit, SHA-256 certificates that expire every 3 years. As a result, we are requiring all merchants to upgrade to the new 2048-bit certificates between now and September 2018.

To avoid any disruption of service, you must verify that your systems are ready for this change by September 2018."
Tim -
9443 posts
Fri Jan 05, 18
8:05 AM
This has to do with the security certificate / server, not with the coding in Photo Cart. You should be fine.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Brian Reynolds
53 posts
Fri Jan 05, 18
6:36 PM
OK great thanks
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