Help Uploading Galleries On Filezilla

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Katy Lozano
Wed Dec 20, 17
10:58 AM
I have always uploaded my galleries to PhotoCart using Dave's Uploader and now Dave's FreeLoader. For some reason it isn't working anymore. Sometimes it will start uploading then give me an error and sometimes it won't even do that. I have tried deleting the gallery and starting over a few times and only uploading one sub gallery at time. I have Filezilla and I used to use that, but I am not super tech savvy so I am having trouble figuring out how to use it. I used to have someone around to help, but now I am on my own with this. Can someone please give me some direction on how to upload my galleries on Fileailla?
Tim -
Thu Dec 21, 17
3:56 AM
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Gonzo Pichers
Mon Jan 15, 18
3:14 PM
I just went through the whole figuring out a "Plan B" for uploading files too as Dave's app just died on us. One app I found that REALLY helped the Filezilla method for us is called BatchPhoto I found on It costs $29.95 but gives us tons of batch actions that can be run on a folder full of image files - including Resize which you'll need to do before using Filezilla to upload the images to Photo Cart. Once you use it once it will keep the output path to a Resized Images folder you might want to create so all you have to do the next time is type over the last resized batch folder name with the new one. If the new subfolder is not there yet it asks you if you want it to create it and you just click 'yes'.

It's still a new process to me but just with what I've learned about it so far we are waaaaaaay ahead of what we were - which was dead in the water. Hope it helps.
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