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Changed Web Host And Lost My Galleries

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Collin Smith
5 posts
Wed Nov 15, 17
7:39 AM
I moved my website from Yahoo hosting to Bluehost and have lost Photocart access. Yahoo was not allowing me to update to the latest t version of photo cart (I was stuck on 5.x), Bluehost did not support that far back when I transferred. So I have updated the files in Photocart per instructions on the new host, but when I go to finalize the installation I cannot get to any photo cart page. I get this:
Unable to connect to the databasephp_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

Does anyone know how to walk me through this to get my galleries back up and running? I have clients that are looking to order from them for Christmas and I would like to get this working again soon. Thank you!
Tim -
10509 posts
Thu Nov 16, 17
7:54 AM
It sounds like in the setup.php file in your photocart folder you need to change the database hostname $setup['pc_db_location'] to localhost

$setup['pc_db_location'] = "localhost";
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Collin Smith
5 posts
Thu Nov 16, 17
12:48 PM
So is this how it should look now? (I have edited out the user name/password info) I updated this and it still did not work. I am very much a novice at this, is there another setup php file somewhere?

I am not sure why it isn't showing up here. Do I need to remove the code tags and stuff?
Refer to the SETUP_INFORMATION.html file included in the zip file on editing these settings

/* $setup['photo_cart_folder'] is the name of the folder for your Photo Cart on the server */

$setup['photo_cart_folder'] = "photocart";

$setup['pc_db_location'] = “localhost”,
$setup['pc_db'] = "photocart"; // The name of the database

Edited Thu Nov 16, 17 1:55 PM by Collin Smith
Tim -
10509 posts
Fri Nov 17, 17
4:40 AM
You need to replace those quotes around localhost. They are none standard quotes that would come from Word or something like that which will cause errors.

Like this:

$setup['pc_db_location'] = "localhost",
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
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