Clients Seeing Others' Images In Their Own Gallery

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Tue Nov 07, 17
9:52 PM
I'm having clients having issues w/ the following. Seems like it started happening w/in the last week and I have not changed anything on my end;

*Logging in to see others' images (from other galleries) in their own. (I have verified on my end that ONLY the correct images are in their gallery)

*After saving their favorites, it shows "no favorites" saved.

*Adding items to cart, then going to check out and the cart is emptied.

Are other folks having these issues?
Arron Robles
Tue Nov 07, 17
10:25 PM
Hi Bridget. Can you give us a little more info? Like what version you are on? And how many clients? Are they in the same category? OR seperate categories?

Arron Robles, Solutions Designer |Reports Developer | - | PicturesPro Affiliate | Sytist V.2.5.1 | PhotoCart V.7.1.0
Wed Nov 08, 17
9:28 AM
Hi Arron, thank you for responding.

I am using version 7.1.0 of Photocart

I've heard this from 3-4 clients now.

When I log into Dave's Freeloader, my photocart site is, then under Category they are "Uncategorized".

I do sometimes chose a different Price Group, depending on what type of shoot it was (high school senior, wedding, portrait, etc.)

Tim -
Wed Nov 08, 17
12:31 PM
Perhaps something on your main site in the .htaccess file is causing the issues. But can't tell anything without looking at a gallery. You need to post or email me the access code to a gallery so I can look.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
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