How Do I Change The Logo At The Top Of The Page?

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Fiona Jones
Thu Aug 03, 17
9:47 AM
I have now got a new logo for my business and want to change it. Can't for the life of me remember how I do this, can anyone help please!
Shawn Mertz
Thu Aug 03, 17
10:08 AM
it is in design>edit my theme

You may be able to see your current logo in DESIGN>MISC> IMAGES & FILES

I remember having making multiple versions for different screens. it took a little time but wasn't hard. Just tweaking to my liking.

directions are here in manual.
Fiona Jones
Thu Aug 03, 17
10:30 AM
Thanks - but I'm asking for Photo Cart
Shawn Mertz
Thu Aug 03, 17
10:44 AM
Photocart you go to customize menu > Header & footer and insert the graphic file in the header.
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